Nashville not forgotten.

So it has been brought to my attention that a year ago this past week, I was in Nashville, Tennessee. Although it was a year ago, there has not been a day that I haven’t thought about!

The experienIMAG1491ce of going to Nashville is one I will treasure for a long, long time. The people I met were so lovely and inspiring and I don’t think they know it; the people that will effect you may be the ones you’d never even thought of! For example, one of my fondest memories from going to Nashville was when I was Margaritaville with my Dad. The bartender there was so lovely and made a conscious effort to speak to me about my music, when Nashville is full to the brim with budding, young artists. To him, it may just have seemed like a nicety and nothing much to think about, however to me, it was genuinely a treasured moment to realise that someone might actually care and be interested in me and my music.

AnotherIMAG1400 experience I will never forget is the night we had a backstage tour of the Opry. Whilst I am not sure how significant a thing country music is to my Dad, he let me simply soak everything in and didn’t say a thing as I wandered around starry eyed and completely immersed in the legacies of that beautiful place. The Grand Ole Opry has a beautiful, ethereal atmosphere that I can only hope I will experience again someday.

In reflection of that wonderful, dream like experience, I would like to thank everybody involved. My Dad, for taking me, my Mum and sister for listening to my endless babbling about it and last, but most certainly not least, everybody I met there; you may not remember me but I will always remember you. Thank you!

Susie x

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